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Hey, my name is Jess Blumberg and I have been going to Orioles games since I was little girl. I am currently the associate editor of Baltimore magazine, but I really wanted an extra place to discuss my favorite team. I love talking stats (even though it can be tragic), but also think the team's morale, strategy and history are fascinating. Go O's!

all-time favorite player: Eddie Murray

current favorite player: Brian Roberts

best moment: Watching Cal Ripken Jr. break the consecutive game streak live

worst moment: Jeffrey Maier

favorite live game: this one

other favorite teams: Baltimore Ravens, Terps basketball and football, Washington Capitals, Hopkins lax

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touché, yanks get their revenge posted on 07/31/2008

Bobby Abreu slides into home, AP Photo/Frank Franklin II.

The Orioles' series at Yankees Stadium has sure been interesting. And yesterday's game was no exception. The Yanks pounded the O's 13-3 to avoid a three-game sweep. The star for the Bombers was designated hitter Bobby Abreu, who hit two home runs and doubled for a total of three RBI's.

Top of the first, Roberts scored off of Huff's RBI. Seemed par for the the course. But things got off to a bad start in the bottom of the first with rookie starter Dennis Sarfate on the mound. Derek Jeter and Abreu both walked, then A-Rod got a base hit to right field. Markakis tried to nab Abreu at home, but his throw was high. Then A-Rod came home on a past ball. Yanks winning 3-1.

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teixeira gets a halo posted on 07/30/2008

On Tuesday, Severna Park native Mark Teixeira was traded to the Los Angeles Angels, who already have the best record in baseball. The Angels sent first baseman Casey Kotchman and minor league pitcher Steven Marek to the Braves.

This is certainly a bold move for the Angels and will almost certainly increase their chances of going to the World Series. Kudos to the Angels for making such a ballsy move.

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cabrera controversy posted on 07/30/2008

To give a little recap of the Cabrera incident last night. It was the top of the eighth and Bobby Abreu was on second with nobody out. WIth a 6-1 lead, Cabrera threw a high-and-tight fastball that hit A-Rod in the shoulder. Home plate umpire Chad Fairchild immediately ejected the starting pitcher. Cabrera's very confused and Dave Trembley runs out of the dugout to argue the call. If you didn't see what went down, these will give you an idea:

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o's hold off yank's! posted on 07/30/2008

Wow last night's game was pretty eventful. First of all, the Orioles held off a ninth-inning rally to beat the Yankees 7-6 last night, extending New York's losing streak to three consecutive games. This is also the Orioles' first series win since July 24-26 against the Cubbies.

Our productive hitting against the Yanks showed itself early last night. In the top of the first Markakis (10-for-12 lifetime against Rasner) hit a single to shallow right, Huff singled up the middle, and so did Mora to score Markakis. In the top of the fourth, Millar homered to left field for his 16th of the season. God, the Yanks must hate him.

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o's vs. yanks preview, 7.29.08 posted on 07/29/2008

It's pretty ironic (and awesome) that the team in the AL East giving the Yankees the most trouble is the Baltimore Orioles. As of last night's defeat, New York (58-47) is 4-6 versus the last place O's (50-55). 

It goes without saying thats yesterday's 13-4 game was really sweet, but if we want to win this series, we're going to have to work on some things tonight. First of all Daniel Cabrera (6-6) has been totally struggling recently with only two wins in his last 13 starts. Cabrera needs to stay focused and in control or else we could have another 7-1 loss, like his game against Toronto on Thursday. But, like most other Orioles, Cabrera has shined against the Yankees, with a 2.77 ERA against the Bombers this season.

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