Eddie Murray

12 February 2010

lineup featured the likes of Kenny Lofton, Jim Thome, Manny Ramirez, and then-future Hall of Famer Eddie Murray.  Meanwhile, Braves hitters were only able to put a single run on the board in the bottom of the sixth, leaving Glavine with no margin for error.  Among his lesser-known achievements, Glavine allowed just one grand slam in 682 games – all starts – over his 22-year major league career.  Finally, at the time of his retirement, he was second only to Omar Vizquel in sacrifice bunts among active players, with 216.  (The next-closest – pitcher or position player – is longtime teammate John Smoltz, with 136.)

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6 June 2008

He's got a few more years in the majors, so we may see him hit 500, and perhaps pass Eddie Murray (504) or the Mick (536) in the switch-hitting home run department.

Chipper's also done all this at the demanding defensive position of third base. Mick played center much of his career, but after his injury-shortened age 30 year, he never again was a full-time outfielder, shifting to the corner OF positions and finally to first base, the final destination of all NL power hitters. Murray had a handful of games at third and in the outfield, but was mostly a 1B/DH for his career. Except for the five years he spent with the Dodgers and Mets in the NL, Murray's load steadily shifted to the DH spot, a rest-day start option Chipper's never had. 

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