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A poor, foolish Oriole fan who luckily likes most things sport.



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A rabid baseball fan, Ryan had the great misfortune to born in Baltimore an O's fan. Just his luck.

As pitiful as that is, at least Ryan takes pleasure in all things baseball. The Bill James Historical Abstract was one of the first books he read - not one of the first baseball books, one of the first books, ever - and Ryan brings a healthy sabermetric outlook to a worldview that also has room for hot and cold streaks, mystical moments beyond numbers, and the occasional clutch performance.

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Finally posted on 02/09/2008

Although it was accompanied by the usual foot-dragging - the delays that are so characteristic of this team and are a major reason why we're still going to be a joke franchise for a long time - we've traded Bedard.

 What we got, for the trade, was actually not a bad catch.  I've always said to anyone who would listen, if there's any way we can trade with Bavasi - the only GM I think even the O's can out-think - we gotta do it.

So, we get Adam Jones.  He's good, right now; he's also 22, and the O's can have him until he's 28.  I don't know if he'll be a "superstar" the way everyone's been claiming, but he's going to be a contender for a few all-star teams, barring injury.

He's also supposed to be an outstanding defender - and if you read my thoughts for long, you'll know that I blame the O's woeful defense for a lot of their pitching problems in recent years.  We've turned a lot of outs into hits, and having Jones won't exacerbate the problem (although it's the infield where the issue lay before, with Miggy and Mora just butchers).

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Roberts, Bedard Feel The Angelos Curse posted on 01/20/2008

First, the following item isn't a guaranteed fact.  It's a rumor, but did appear on ESPN's rumor board, and certainly has the stench of truth... 

This one was to be a 7-for-2, with the O's giving up 2B Brian Roberts and SP Erik Bedard to the Cubs.  The other players involved are never named, and it's just as well, as it's being reported Angelos vetoed the trade.  Piniella is now telling the papers that he doubts there'll be any trade for Roberts (thanks for letting us go through the motions, though, Pete).

 Wasn't this exactly what we were told wasn't going to happen anymore, with MacPhail being left to run the show?  Wasn't Angelos supposed to step aside and let the rebuilding begin?  Hadn't he learned his lessons, and now was gonna let a baseball man have a wack?

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